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Here are some of the voice commands you can use that I know.

Starting with "Hey, Google" or "Ok, Google" and behind it :

Commands for Phone call if phone is connected.

- Call "Name of person" Like Call Mom

- Hang up

- Find my phone

- Ring my phone

- Bluetooth pairing

- is Bluetooth active?

- is Bluetooth paired?

Other commands :

- Play "title song" from "Name artist" on spotify / youtube

(If you have a subscription on one of them)

- Volume 10% or 40 % Or any other between 0 and 100%

- Help

- Turn it up. (Volume) Turn it down.

- Turn it to 11 (Max volume is 11)

- Stop. Pause or Be quiet.

- play forest sounds

- Play "Song" on device / program like shopify or youtube

- Flip a coin

- Where am I

- Order a uber

- how do you say [word] in [language]?

- what does [word] mean?

- how are Twitter stocks doing?

- what are the nearest restaurants to me?

- how late is [business] open?

Let me know what other commands you found that you liked here !
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